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Book: Bullshit, non-sense and common-sense about meditation

A semi-serious introduction and a sequence of thoughts and experiences

Dr Mariette Jansen’s book is a summary of her no-nonsense approach to the benefits of meditation. Personal stress arises as a reaction to the world around us when events leave us feeling out of control. This book will show the reader how to control that reaction. Paradoxically meditation is actually a work out for the mind, strengthening your control over your own thoughts & emotions.
I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to have more control over how they feel.

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I am absolutely passionate about the topic meditation and mindfulness.
That is why I wrote this book as an introduction to meditation.

The reason for the unusual title is to grab attention, but also to make clear that there is a lot of non-sense communication about the subject, which puts people off. Includin me! I am extremely serious and passionate about the concept, the techniques and the skill of meditation. I am also extremely annoyed with the veil of mystery, new-ageism, and almost cult scene approach that surrounds the topic. Breathing in love and peace, spending hours a day practicing, being highly spiritual and going for enlightenment…..This non-sense creates a barrier for a lot of people, who would benefit from meditation but are put off or uncomfortable by the bullshit.

Meditation is natural to humans. Babies retreat when they don’t want to take in any more information, and if we hadn’t lost touch with our natural state of being, we all would retreat at regular times. However, busy life styles don’t allow time to respond to that need and we have gradually de-learned how to de-stress with meditation techniques. The fact we have de-learned, means we can re-learn and as it is an essential part of being human, easy to do and getting quick results. Meditation is for everyone, it supports general health, well-being and happiness and should be part of everybody’s set of life skills. It is available: regardless of gender, age, cultural background, religion, physical health, and it doesn’t require any tools or equipment. Meditation practice is also accessible from everywhere; as just a 1 minute practice will do, you can do it while waiting for the traffic lights, standing in a queue or coming back from the toilet. What better stress management tool than meditation?

Natural, easy and available, always and everywhere!

I believe that the world would be a better place if everybody meditated, so my mission is to get everybody practicing. As meditation is simple, down-to-earth, easy, and fun, there is no excuse not to practice it.

This booklet is offering easy accessible information on the topic, some anecdotes about my own experience and food for thought, in the hope it encourages you, my reader, to start experimenting and finding out how meditation practice can improve your life.

Some feedback:

‘I just finished this wonderful book. I am disappointed it wasn’t longer, but having said that, it gave me a great inside of the mind andbody. Written in a very easy style, with fun and light notes, it took away the ‘bullshit’ in a clear manner. Other books I tried to read have put me off by the use of jargon or offering a line of thought that did not resonate. This book has brought meditation into my life, took away the idea that it was only for educated or ‘new age’ people. I have downloaded the meditations and started to practice and I thoroughly enjoy.’  Marie Mantout, Feltham

‘Have enjoyed the read… a nice balance between informative style but with the back up of research and anecdotal stories and quotes.’ Christine Bainbridge, Caterham

‘Loved the relaxed style of writing and the honesty in the approach makes it very credible. I’m a hardened cynic when it comes to what people reckon can make you feel better, but what you’ve said here makes me think that there could be something in this for me.’, Kathy Wright, Surrey

To order the e-book, click here. Price is £4.99, which includes a downloadable meditation. For Kindle version, click here.

The hard copy version, including P&P in the UK, is £ 8.50. To buy, click here.

For other ways to learn meditation in Surrey, click here.


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