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Fat is a feeling, not a fact

Feeling fat doesn’t exist. For the simple reason that fat is not a feeling. Fat is an indication of weight, maybe overweight, a judgment and a substance, but it is not a feeling. However, when we say that we are

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Three reasons why our relationships with food and eating is crap

Love it, hate it. Want it, can’t have it. Poor me, strong me. Food and our relationship with it can be so double. Food causes a lot of aggravation, stress and emotional upheaval. What has gone wrong? For babies, feeding

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Emotional eating

Karen had had a lousy day. Her boss told her off for something that was out of her control, when she wanted to discuss the matter with her best friend, she couldn’t get hold of her, her period was about

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Hidden eating disorder in journalist William Cook

When I met journalist William Cook, he was very kind and very apprehensive. As part of an assignment for The Guardian he was willing to ‘undergo’ a series of coaching sessions to find out how it works, and if it

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Chocolate Cravings: scientists discover how to stop them

It is official: you can stop cravings by practicing mindfulness meditation. A recent study showed the effects of mindfulness meditation on the urge to tuck into the brown delight – meditators declared a reduction in their cravings. Mindfulness practice involves

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