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Combat depression with mindfulness meditation

Medication or meditation? Not difficult to answer if you know that meditation has the same effect as medication Depression sufferers can swap their pill for meditation, as a new study reveals that the effect of both in the treatment of

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The cure for procrastination is meditation

Procrastination, the ultimate time waster, frustration builder and stress creator. Why do we do it to ourselves? What makes us sabotage our intentions and our chances on achievement and success? Procrastination has nothing to do with a rational response, it

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Benefits of meditation in mental health

The article below has been provided by a third party and might contain some overlap with other articles on this site, but if so, it only re-iterates the positive effect of meditation. Meditation is a preventive health program that helps

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Three reasons why we develop an unhealthy relationship with food and eating……

Food and eating are one of the core pleasures of anyone alive. And there is a good reason for it. Food is not just a necessity to survive, eating is not just a sequence of muscles movements, there is much

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Three reasons to practice a body scan meditation

The practice of the body scan is a way of relaxing the body. By focussing on different parts of the body and trying to let go of tension, it is easy to get into a state of deep relaxation. It

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