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The first step is useless if you don’t continue the walk

What doesn’t really work in your life? I’ll confess: I will never be a domestic goddess. My husband admires me for the pace in which I design encrusted surfaces and create chaos. Organising cupboards would be a new experience and

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Advice from Dr Destress in Darling Magazine Kingston and Richmond

In the most recent edition of Darling Magazine you can find my ‘agony aunt’ column. This time, no surprise, it is about holiday stress. Or better, holiday decision making stress. And how to deal with it.  

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Mariette Jansen’s life story: how I got where I am today….

Hiya, this is all about Mariette Jansen and how I got where I am today…. and I am still on my  journey. Will I ever arrive? I am sharing some of my history with you. Just to make sure that

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What is killing the superwoman?

Any superwoman I have ever met has worked so hard at being super, that she completely exhausted herself. Physically she is tired as her body didn’t got enough rest for donkeys years, mentally she is low, maybe bordering on depression,

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Willpower reflects a negative mindset

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Willpower is an aptitude Willpower is the ability to make a choice that is in line with a decision you have made. Example: the decision to lose weight means you have to make choices to

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If you don’t feel in control of your life, too busy and drained, it is time to make a few simple changes. Just follow my 5-step strategy to get back on track. Download here.

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