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Work stress spoils the weekend

Are you one of the 26% of employees that are so anxious about work that they dread going back to work on Mondays? Is your sleep disturbed by worries about work? How much time do you spend agonising over a

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No burn-out with regular time-outs!

Busy people need to recharge regularly. Easy solution is joining The Meditation Wave, that teaches you how to do a brief chillax practice that will reduce your stress levels and help you sleep better.

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How meditation changed my life: a convert tells……

Sometimes life changes come from unexpected angles! About a year ago I met Valerie, an extremely busy business woman, at a networking meeting; we talked about different subjects and a little bit about my meditation workshops. A few months later

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Stress in the workplace

If you feel tense, anxious, not too confident, nervous, not sleeping well, worried around work, you might suffer from workrelated stress. For what it is worth, you are not alone! Research shows that work is for lots of people the main stress

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Kill the Negativity in Trial and Error!

I endorse positive psychology, because its aim is to discover what makes us humans happy, and unlike conventional psychology it doesn’t focus on what makes us unhappy. That resonates with me. Thinking about the impact of negative language and negative

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