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Need to take control of your work-life balance?

  • Did your confidence get a knock?
  • Did life get in the way?
  • In the way of the good old you?

This ebook offers you a 5-step strategy to discover what you need to do to take control back in your life, to have fun again and to feel happy. Click on the image  too receive the download


Want a weekly tip?

Want a weekly tip?

Every week I send out my food for thought email. Exclusive content that will be delivered straight to you. This covers topics as confidence, how to take control, how to communicate effectively, how to become friends with yourself and more. Click the button to subscribe.


Struggling with weight?

Having an issue with food and / or weight?

I am very familiar with weight issues, having suffered from bulimia for 22 years. I have come out the other end and fully understand the struggle with diets, weight, body image, obsession, desperation and more. I have teamed up with nutrition coach Leonie Wright and we wrote the report: ‘The three main reasons why diets don’t work’ Click here to start reading.



Need clarity?

Looking for  clarity?

Every week I allocate a few slots in my diary to speak to people who are looking for some clarity. ‘I want to change, don’t know where to start’, ‘The relationship with my partner is not great. What can I do?’, ‘I feel unhappy, but don’t know why…’, ‘I can’t control my eating, my mood, my confidence, my emotions’ and challenges like that. Grab your slot if you want to move forward and block an hour in your diary.

If you don’t feel in control of your life, too busy and drained, it is time to make a few simple changes. Just follow my 5-step strategy to get back on track. Download here.

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