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Cheers, let’s toast to you and your next step in life!

The step that will bring you closer to where you want to be: happy, free and in control.

I can help you getting there. All my clients have changed their lives around in just a few months. It’s the magic of my process. The magic that I learned through my journey.

I know, it sounds pretentious but it works. And that is because my heart, my experience, knowledge and tears have all contributed to the magic formula of my Success Package. Built on 3o years of life experience.

Want to know what I am talking about? Read why I do what I do here.

I am offering a FREE Clarity call that will give you an understanding of your issues and a way forward with an action plan.

Knowing EXACTLY what to do next!

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Two clinics for lifecoaching Surrey

The Zen Den in Weybridge

The Zen Zone in  Kingston-upon-Thames.


For life coaching sessions with a special focus on work-life balance, weight and food, and ‘what makes me tick’ discoveries, mindfulness meditation training and stress management projects.

Life coaching Surrey

meditation, stress management, mindfulness in Weybridge, Kingston, Guildford



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