Poetry is like a mindfulness meditation

What is meditation is a question I get daily presented with. And my answer is always along the lines of : it is your personal experience. There is no definition or not true answer that will do the experience justice. As you meditate on a regular basis, you will know it is a different experience all the time. I was very pleased with a poem, that was send to me by my friend  Sarah Lott, who ‘downloaded’ her state of being and her experience in the poem below. Just read it in the right time, the right pace and you might recognise the process of a mindfulness event.


 By Sarah Lott

I am drawn in my mind

To a private land

Delicately tethered

By my imagination.

 Tantalisingly close

I can see it.


 When the cacophony

Of life overwhelms me

I simply stop the world.

Just for a moment.

I pull on those tethers

Between myself

And my haven.

If I am lucky

Reality softens

And I am quickly there.

Focused yet dreamlike

My private paradise

Calls me to its calm.

Green fronds delicately

Curtain the entrance.

With taffeta rustle

They part and I drink in

The abundant glory of my

Fantastic mind.

 Today, verdant and lush

There is a glade before me

Plants seep oxygen from

Every pore, regenerating me

From within.

Luscious flowers drape,

Voluptuous and proud.

A turquoise pool shimmers

Like a million jewels

Luxuriating in their decadence.

Water falls delicately.

The velvet flow

Caresses my soul with its

Fragile rhythms.

I lie naked in the silken grass

The long green strands stroke

My skin with exquisite softness.

 It’s time to leave now.

I hear the world

Anxious to start revolving

Once more.

 I start up.

The tethers release

As reality draws me away.

I’m refreshed and ready,

Anticipating my return.

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