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The main service I offer is bespoke coaching. Aiming to help my clients who are feeling not as happy as they want to be or not in a position they would love to.

Unhappiness is caused by and causing stress.

Stress is the state of mind where we feel out of control; this can be on a mental, emotional and even physical level. Get the control back makes it possible to take full responsibility and make choices.

‘Working with Mariette was challenging. She had the ability to prod my “psychological blocks” to completing projects. At times I felt quite irritated by her questions but soon realised that this is what a good coach should be prepared to risk. A good coach is the solvent that dissolves the glue that keeps us stuck in our historical patterns of behaviour preventing us from reaching our true potential. And that is what she did. She helped me to achieve my goals and overcome my procrastination.’ Dr Robert Owen – Founder and Joint CEO of NEOS New Life Ltd

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Meditation is a very effective tool for stress reduction, focus and self awareness. As everyone is different, different people want to learn in a different setting. I provide individual and group tuition, for beginners and experienced meditators.

‘I have tried to meditate all my life as I have an incredibly busy life and know that it would improve ME. After these two hours , having done all those different exercises. I feel positive and confident that I can practice, to make it part of my life.’  Dao Tran, Kingston-upon-Thames

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Events, workshops, courses

I organise different activities around the topic of meditation and mindfulness. This varies from introductory talks, courses, workshops and presentations.

“Mariette has a lovely relaxed energy, she is down to earth, very easy to talk to, and passionate about communicating the difference that meditation and mindfulness can make to your life. She has an extensive knowledge of meditation, and draws on this to gently help you find the right approach to stilling your mind.” Felicity Dwyer, SteppingUpTraining

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A stress free life doesn’t knock on the door by itself. It is the result of discipline and focus. I have created a range of meditation downloads that will help in that process. I have also written a book about meditation, which gives a no-nonsense and light-hearted introduction to the subject.

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