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7 steps to stop emotional eating

We all have these days when nothing goes our way: client is not happy, date is cancelled, weather is grey, hormones are playing up and it leaves you feeling low, deprived, restless. But there is a glimmer on the horizon:

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Decluttering is an art

Decluttering is an emotional process. That is why most of us find it hard. Decluttering results in peace and quiet: in your house, your cupboard, your car and ultimately in your  mind. Get some tips on decluttering here. Decluttering is

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How to declutter

We all have heard stuff about de-cluttering and how a de-cluttered house represents a decluttered mind; how holding onto clutter represents attachments and how neat- and tidiness stands for control. But is it true? Michelle has been living all her

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If you don’t feel in control of your life, too busy and drained, it is time to make a few simple changes. Just follow my 5-step strategy to get back on track. Download here.

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