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People ask me sometimes ‘why did you choose this type of work?’ I don’t think it is a choice, it is a mission and it gives meaning to my experiences. Can you imagine how I felt when someone sent me this?
‘I have struggled with my relationship with food all of my life and Mariette’s talk about her eating disorder at a networking meeting in November (2016), struck a tremendous chord with me. Having a number of sessions with her has provided me with tools, support, structure and focus to tackle this and other issues and has benefited me in many other areas of my life and relationships than just that with food. I highly recommend her programme and services.’ – Michael Black (57)

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Janey Lee Grace, the health guru and tv presenter, about MOMM-Mariette’s OneMinuteMeditation:

Platinum Award of The Meditation Wave

Platinum Award of The Meditation Wav‘We loved this programme of 5 one minute meditations per day even the busiest people can fit this in. And relax!!’An accreditation was followed by the Platinum Award for the ‘best stress management tool’.Janey says: ‘Mariette has created a brilliant way for even manically busy people to pause and meditate daily.’

And shorter testimonials below.


Read below what my clients experience about the coaching, the workshops, meditation and more:

‘After the first coaching session I have been feeling so much calmer which is a good feeling (and also a few close people around me have also commented the same!) .

I’m looking forward to our second session, and feeling really positive about me taking back some control of my emotions.’ Rachel Denham, Weybridge




‘After the insanity of my marriage breakdown, Mariette saved my sanity during the divorce.

Incredible support, spot-on guidance and a place for me to really calm down. I learned a lot about myself and the dynamics in my family, which I will benefit from for the rest of my life.’

H.N, Surrey

Dr Robert Owen

Dr Robert Owen

‘Working with Mariette was challenging. She had the ability to prod my “psychological blocks” to completing projects.

At times I felt quite irritated by her questions but soon realised that this is what a good coach should be prepared to risk. A good coach is the solvent that dissolves the glue that keeps us stuck in our historical patterns of behaviour preventing us from reaching our true potential. And that is what she did.’

Dr Robert Owen – Founder and Joint CEO of NEOS New Life Ltd

“I had been feeling increasingly stressed for a long time.  Too much to do, deadlines etc when I went to see Mariette.

I was positively surprised to learn how I could start managing my stress levels with really simple, easy and quick techniques. Mariette is a great coach.”
Marja-Leena Tooland, Darling Magazine, Kingston

Ashleigh, got her zest for llife and food back

Ashleigh, got her zest for llife and food back

“I went to Mariette with the aim to combat my preoccupation with calorie counting, planning and being in control. After 4 sessions, Ashleigh, got her zest for llife and food back. I feel happier, more relaxed and positive, and less concerned with what people think of me.  People have even commented on this difference and how much “more content and .relaxed”. Ashleigh,  (27), Ashford, Surrey

I worked with Mariette as I had a problem with focus and concentration in my life. 

It has now been around a month since my first session and I can  honestly say that  the meditations and exercises that Mariette set  me has made a massive difference  I  am able to focus much more easily and concentrate for much longer than I ever used to able to . When my mind does wander I am able to recognise it much quicker and refocus more easily a massive improvement. I would recommend any one thinking of working with Mariette to go ahead she is very knowledgeable and supportive and if you put the effort in the you will certainly see results’    Richard Flack#mailmunch-pop-275266

‘She’s like a different person. I approached her the day after her first coaching session with Mariette to break the news that our holiday had been cancelled and was worried how she’d take it. I was slightly taken aback when she reacted incredibly well, saying that it was out of our control. I couldn’t believe that one person could change their perception or outlook on life so quickly.’  Richard (the partner of my client)

‘When I began seeing Mariette I was extremely stressed and confused about where to go next career-wise. Mariette provided a safe, friendly and comfortable place to discuss my worries and think about my future. I learnt how to relax through the use of meditation and stress relieving techniques. Mariette helped me to think about things in different ways and thus consider paths I hadn’t previously thought of. I am now working in a job that I love and I am positive about the future. I would certainly recommend Mariette to anyone who is feeling stressed or confused and looking for someone positive and able to give another perspective on things. Many thanks!’ – Natalie, Surrey.

About my talks

Leonie Wright

Leonie Wright

‘‘My work involves teaching people about healthy eating and life style, and for that reason I attended Mariette’s event ‘Meditate to lose weight’.

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, and I can see how some of my clients could benefit from Mariette’s approach. Changing habits can meet a lot of resistance and I now have a better understanding of the dynamics of that resistance. The easy tools and techniques to stop cravings and diet stress made it instantly clear how well this can work for anyone who decides to change their habits. There is a real synergy between our work and I can highly recommend this introduction for anyone who wants to or has started to change their eating habits.’ Leonie Wright, Founder and director EatWright, providing a healthy eating programme.

‘At Dermalogica we continually review our performance and as part of that strategy, we look for innovative speakers to motive and inspire our team. Mariette delivered an interactive and thought provoking workshop to provide our team with coping strategies by utilising meditation to enhance performance and refocus energies.’ – Celia Rose, Sales Manager Dermalogica

Charmaine Mace

Charmaine Mace

‘I had such a lovely evening. It was very informative, educational and inspirational.

I have booked my meditation course as a result.’ Charmaine Mace, A Property Cycle, Surbiton

‘I have been to a few of Dr Destress’ workshops and also attended Mariette’s talk about The art of mindfulness. I really love the way she talks and teaches, because she is engaging and I always leave feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. When I am stressed I use her short meditation downloads and it is a bit like

Jill Bennett

Jill Bennett

taking an aspirin when feeling a headache coming on.  When I’m feeling overwhelmed the one minute meditations are a great way to relax too!I can highly recommend Mariette’s de-stressing events.’ Jill Bennett, Organic Beauty (Arbonne), Horsley

‘As a busy working mum of 3, I am always juggling the kids,work and running a house and it was all getting to me.

I could feel my stress levels rising, felt I had no time to relax as there was always so much to do and didn’t know what to do to help. Mariette suggested attending one of her workshops. I was a bit sceptical as I didn’t think going to one workshop was going to help me switch off and de- stress but thought I would give it a go. The experience was incredible- during the workshop, using the techniques Mariette taught, particularly the breathing exercises, my stress levels plummeted and I felt the most relaxed I have felt for ages. The effect lasted a few days and my husband and friends noticed that I was more chilled.

Mariette provided a very useful hand-out which included the exercises we did in the workshop and I have found it easy to do these at home to help when I feel myself getting more stressed.

I was amazed by the effect the workshop had on my stress levels and can highly recommend it, particularly if stress is getting too much for you but also just as a really pleasant relaxing experience.’  JS, GP in Surrey

 ‘Mariette makes meditation easy and breaks down barriers. It’s heaven.

There was such a beautiful energy in the room. Very peaceful and relaxing. I was able to detach from all my worries and let myself be. A feeling of security; I felt safe.’ (LJ)

‘The meditation workshop was very soothing and the best 2 hours I have spent in a long time!  (Lyndsay)

‘Only had three hours of sleep. Felt extremely tired but strangely, I did not fall asleep, felt almost as if I was in a trance. And when the time was up, it was as if I had a night of sleep. Thank you Mariette.’ (MM)

‘I had been once before, so  I had high expectations of this meditation practice and was not disappointed. My expextations were surpassed.’ (CV)

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‘I am a 69 year old woman, living on my own and have always enjoyed my life. However, I went through a very rough patch recently and felt the lowest I have ever been. Prescription drugs for depression were not making me feel any better and other options, such as counselling, had not really helped me forward.

I had met Mariette at an event in Esher, where she talked about mindfulness. I loved the evening, and felt very relaxed, doing the series of exercises and approached her with the request for help.

I had 4 sessions and I can’t believe how I have changed. In such a short time, I shed off my negativity and feel as if I am in my own skin again. I am also kinder to myself….. T

For me, the best thing I have taken away. I love listening to Mariette’s voice and I love the way I feel after I have meditated. Only a few minutes, but it changes my whole day.

Not only do I feel better and happier now, I also feel in charge of my life. Knowing what I can do when I get hit by life, gives me a sense of security from the inside out.

I can highly recommend Mariette’s coaching. It is easy to open up to her, as she is very warm and understanding, and she offers so many different tools that everyone will get something from it.’ – Marion Low, Surrey

‘A wonderful morning, enlightening and totally relaxing. I arrived with a busy and cluttered mind and left in a completely different frame of mind. Centred, still and quiet…. bliss! More please!’ (CB)

‘It was my most relaxing experience ever! I was so relaxed afterwards, I almost couldn’t be bothered to talk. When I did talk, my speach was much slower and quieter than normal. I couldn’t believe the 2 hours went so quickly.’ (MW)

‘When I came in this morning I was extremely angry, but now I can handle anything. Can’t wait till next time. Thank you Mariette.’ (MM)

‘This morning really helped me to get in touch with my mind and body, learning to focus. I have come away feeling lighter and calmer and more at peace with myself.’ (KA)

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