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Workshops Meditation with a Western flavour

Meditation with a Western flavour is designed by Dr Mariette Jansen.

It is an approach to meditation that is based on conventional meditation techniques, but adapted to a hectic lifestyle: down to earth, easy, practical, and effective. It is not aimed at enlightenment, but aimed to support calmness, focus, mindfulness, and improve productivity, health and happiness.

The workshops are 2 hours and offer a variety of practices, that can easily be done at home. All workshops are suitable for absolute beginners up to experience meditators.

Mariette: ‘My aim with the workshops is to give participants the experience of deep relaxation, and mindfulness and the tools and techniques to continue the practice in their own environment.’

Annette: ‘Mariette takes you by the hand and takes you into the world of calmness and relaxation. I saw colours and felt warmth, which was absolutely amazing.’ To read what other people said and experienced, click here.

The next workshop is scheduled for Friday 9th May from 10-12 and takes place in the Zen Den in Weybridge, Surrey and Saturday 10th May form 10.30-12-.30 in Kingston.

Price per workshop includes a handout: £36.

Book here and enter the date of your choice.

If you want to book more than one workshop or if you prefer individual tuition, please contact Mariette or phone 07967 717 131 to discuss some options.

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