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Three ways to use skiing as a transportable life skill for a happy life

How to use your skiing technique as a life skill to elevate your happiness I was lucky enough to spend some time in the mountains this winter. Getting up on a gondola and skiing down. Loving the wind in my

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The pain of drilling and grilling

I help people to change their lives. How? By helping them to think differently. And discover more about themselves, other people and their own life. The main technique I use is just asking questions. My clients and sometimes friends, love and

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Six brilliant ways to keep your relationship alive and kicking

Andrea sent me an email about her relationship. She was very happy for a few years, life was full of excitement and so was her relationship. ‘But now we seem to happily go along on autopilot and the spark of

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The secret power of the first time – not just for teenagers

My teenage son is having a whale of a time. And it’s great to see that grin on his face, feeling his excitement and hearing the stories. He loves his life, he is excited and even though he loves his

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12 incredible messages for 2018 in the TAROT cards

On a regular basis I consult Jaishree Manani, an excellent tarot card reader. What happens during a reading is that she picks out of her deck those cards relevant to me and my situation. She then explains the messages to

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