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Why your relationships don’t work – tips from the coaching couch

Theo didn’t get it. Every time he fell for a woman, it seemed to be a mutual and exciting event. He bought her flowers, dinners, champagne and showered her with text messages, little surprises and a ‘sleep well’ call at

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How to improve the relationship with your mother – tips from the coaching couch

‘I love her so much but every time we speak we end up with a row. We are both angry and upset.’ Trish was talking about the relationship with her mum. ‘Earlier or later in the conversation she looks at

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Exam stress: do you remember the fear of failure?

Nowadays exam stress is an issue for 70% of teenagers according to a survey amongst thousands of teens. A few years ago I took my DS (Darling Son) James to his first GCSE exam. I asked him (what a ridiculous

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What is your attitude to gratitude?

‘If you’ve forgotten the language of gratitude, you’ll never be on speaking terms with happiness.’ The simple act of feeling (!) grateful and expressing it has a strong impact on health, well-being and relationships. A series of recent studies have

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The incredible impact of blaming

‘It is not fair. Not after all I did. I don’t deserve it. How can they do this to me? It is out of my control. Nothing I can do about it. I feel powerless, useless, unhappy and frustrated. You

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