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Cross roads? Decision time? Support from tarot

Support from the tarot and life coaching Every few months I have a meeting with Polly, who gives me guidance via her tarot cards. It has helped to have faith in the A level results of my son last year.

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The 5 benefits of a combined Tarot card reading and Life coaching session

Tarot card readings and life coaching both are wonderful tools to move forward in life. Especially if you don’t know what is happening, feel stuck and indecisive or would love to have clarity. Am I in the right job, is

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How to keep frustration at bay during school holidays

School holidays can be really challenging for mums of smaller children. It sounds lovely to have more time with them, it seems great to not be directed by the clock, but it is very frustrating that all your stuff seems

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Checklist to recognise a narcissist

Want to know if your parent, partner or friend is a narcissist? This checklist for a narcissist will help you to recognise if you are dealing with one. You will also gain some understanding of their way of thinking and

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Anti ageing or pro ageing?

Is age a number, a mindset or a downhill journey? Do you hate getting older? Do you dread reaching your next decade (30-40-50-60-70)? Do you never tell others how old you are? Recently I attended a meeting where Tricia Cusden

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What people say about working with me….

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