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How to stop A-levels results anxiety

A-levels results This week is a big week for A-levels students and their parents. Why? The results will be known on Thursday morning at 8 am. A piece of paper that will be the reward for hard work or not

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How to change your life while on holiday – 3 tips from the coaching couch

Do you find it hard to come back after your holidays? Is it a shock to notice that life hasn’t changed? Is it a challenge to face reality? Read further to learn how you could use your holidays to make

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Summer tips to manage anxiety

Anxiety is a feeling that can easily take over your mind and your body. When it isn’t reigned in, it will grow wild and totally control you. It’s like a big beast that seems to be in charge of you.

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7 lessons from Gareth to apply in your world class family

Aren’t we all in awe of our England manager? Always immaculately dressed, measured in his comments and absolutely spot-on in his approach to create a strong team. And his approach is not just great for football teams, but will also

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How a mother prevents her daughter a place at Wimbledon

Elenor is a 29 year old woman, who is very upset about the relationship with her mum. ‘I always tried to do my best, I crave a compliment from her and I sooooooo want her to love me. Yet, I

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