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Do you have an internal or external frame of reference?

It affects your confidence levels and happiness Let me explain how an external point of reference sparks your insecurities and undermines your confidence. External frame of reference If you have an external frame of reference you are seeking approval from

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Xmas: a fairy tale or a self induced nightmare?

The season of fairy tales is on the doorstep. With the magic of Xmas sorting out all the bad stuff in life. Wars stop for a few days, everybody (even the homeless) will get a hearty hot meal, families reunite

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20 tips to make Xmas preparations easy

The amount of stress that comes with the annual celebration of the birth of a baby is incredible. Setting expectations, managing them, creating positive situations and happiness, it can be all a bit much. Having grown up in the Netherlands,

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It’s not the bite that kills, it is the poison it leaves behind

Can you be upset about simple things for a long time? Do you go over and over the same events? Is it difficult to step away? ‘It is not the snake bite that kills you, it is the poison it

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From filling the nest to becoming an empty nester

You long for a baby and get pregnant. Next step: giving birth. For most women the process is an intense experience with an incredible reward: a baby boy or girl or sometimes even more than one. From then on you

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