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Mariette Jansen – Why am I here? My personal quest

Why am I here? Writing my mission statement Karl Jung considered most people living an externally focused life during the first 4 decades of life. Learning, developing skills, building a life, starting a family, buying houses, cars and stuff. All

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Note to self about how great I am, how lovely and how much fun it is to spend time with me

As an experienced life coach, I know that one of the most common sources of unhappiness is the lack of self-love. From that comes lack of self-care, putting others first, living on empty, becoming unauthentic, feeling lost in life, low

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How to stop developing a burnout

Do you know those ‘restless’ types? Always keen to be ‘on the go’ with ants in their pants? Or …… are you one of those?   Annette was always rushing. Ants in her pants. Never being able to sit down

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Stressed about money? Here’s what to do about it

Business coach Sue Brown previously called stress the Black Death of the 21st century because of how widespread it has become. It is the most common cause of absences at work, more so than other reasons like back problems and

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When talking doesn’t help to solve your relationship issues

Sometimes it feels that there is no change in a situation in your relationship. And you feel desperate. Do you argue about the same thing time and time? Are you not being heard or better, not being listened to? Frustrated

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What people say about working with me….

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