Award winning stress management technique MOMM

Meditation with a Western flavour’ is the concept of mindfulness meditation for busy people with a hectic lifestyle, like you and me. It is aimed to be easy, have quick results, can be done everywhere and is down-to-earth. Within this concept MOMM – Mariette’s One Minute Meditation-, has proven to be a powerful stress management technique: quick, easy and effective.

‘Whenever I feel tense, I just do your short exercise and I feel calm again’

The MOMM was the basis of a 28 day programme. Participants were asked to do the one minute 5x a day; a bit like eating your daily 5 vegs or fruit and it was accredited by Janey Lee Grace, the health guru and tv presenter:

Janey Lee Grace

Janey Lee Grace

‘We loved this programme of 5 one minute meditations per day even the busiest people can fit this in. And relax!!’

The accreditation was followed by the Platinum Award for the ‘best stress management tool’. Janey says: ‘Mariette has created a brilliant way for even manically busy people to pause and meditate daily.’

Platinum Award of The Meditation Wave

Platinum Award  for Mariette’s One Minute Meditation

This brilliant technique is part of most of my coaching packages. And of course my stress management and meditation sessions.

‘Your One Minute Meditation and the others have changed my life. I sleep like a baby and feeling so much better. I haven’t had any more of my weird stress episodes. I felt something coming up, but did your one minute and it went. It helped me so much more than the Headspace app. I feel positive about everything and couldn’t thank you enough’ –  Cathy, 37, London

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