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When talking doesn’t help to solve your relationship issues

Sometimes it feels that there is no change in a situation in your relationship. And you feel desperate. Do you argue about the same thing time and time? Are you not being heard or better, not being listened to? Frustrated

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Is stress the ‘Black Death of the 21st century’?

Sometimes it makes sense to have a guest giving their view. Sue Bown, Business Coach, offers her tips for dealing with stress.   Stress is the black death It makes shocking reading but the report by Chartered Institute of Personal Development

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Is your relationship oozing love or are you undermining your happiness?

Human beings are pack animals and we are always on the look-out for a romantic relationship. It is natural and instinctive. It is a way of seeking happiness and fulfilment. But, being in a relationship can also be the biggest

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Could do better – a seriously negative and demoralising remark

How Polly got in the way of her own happiness. Polly was humming when she opened the letterbox. Xmas had been great, everybody was back into the swing of work and school and the new year looked all fresh and

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Bye 2018 hi 2019 and what does the Tarot expect for us?

Tough 2018 2018 hasn’t been a great year for a lot of people. Tough is a word that springs to mind. Was it in the air? I consulted my friend and Tarot card reader Jaishree and she told me what

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