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How to keep frustration at bay during school holidays

School holidays can be really challenging for mums of smaller children. It sounds lovely to have more time with them, it seems great to not be directed by the clock, but it is very frustrating that all your stuff seems

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The one thing that makes life easier for the control freak

Do you want to have control and do it all yourself? Are you struggling to ask for support? Are you brilliant at making your life difficult Stella felt embarrassed and upset. She had screwed it up and needed to ask

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Follow your dreams – there always is a way

This week I met two people who talked about their dreams. Being an artist is my mission Elsa was very sad as ‘life got in the way’ of her dreams quite dramatically and she was convinced her dreams could not

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Mariette Jansen – Why am I here? My personal quest

Why am I here? Writing my mission statement Karl Jung considered most people living an externally focused life during the first 4 decades of life. Learning, developing skills, building a life, starting a family, buying houses, cars and stuff. All

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Is your relationship oozing love or are you undermining your happiness?

Human beings are pack animals and we are always on the look-out for a romantic relationship. It is natural and instinctive. It is a way of seeking happiness and fulfilment. But, being in a relationship can also be the biggest

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What people say about working with me….

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