The difference between me and Anthony Robbins

Anthony Robbins working the crowd

No, it is not just the price

New behaviour can lead to a healthier and happier you. But in order to make new behaviour stick, it needs to be applied for at least 21 days. Often you start off with strong positive intentions, but as time progresses, you notice the shadow of failure lurking around the corner, as you can feel it might be too hard to keep it all going.

Anthony’s approach

Anthony Robbins is the billion dollar coach who gets thousands of people into a huge venue (like the O2) for 4 days at the price of several thousand pounds If you think several is 2 then you have to think to at least double that. You get a lot of Anthony for that money. He will start talking and shouting at you from early morning till late at night. And he will make you understand that you can choose your mindset, do whatever you want and when you are released after 4 days you are convinced you can make it happen.

After all, you walked over hot coals, you can’t stand eating meat anymore, you will get used to drinking wheatgrass and you are glowing with confidence. Because Anthony made you shout out loud: ‘I can do it. I am amazing.’

And then normal life kicks in. You stick to some of your plans but over time nearly everyone who was with you at that seminar will have fallen back into their familiar behaviour.

The changes didn’t stick.

Mariette’s approach

Personal attention in a safe environment

Where Anthony shouts you to the top and gets you believing in yourself, he doesn’t give you the time and tools to build a solid foundation.

The foundation you need to make the changes stick.

  • Baby steps.
  • Discoveries.
  • Processing.
  • Understanding and adapting.

My philosophy is based on baby steps. Take your time, be self-aware, decide on a step, take the step, evaluate, learn and prepare for the next step.

It is about continuously making mini-changes, so your system gets the time to adapt and completely integrate new behaviour and all that goes with it. Such as a mindset. And positive reinforcement.

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