Confident people love to make others shine

The mindset of a confident person is positive, open minded, non-judgmental of self and trusting. But how to get there? And how to keep on top of that mindset?

Confidence is a state of being that needs working all the time. Even the most confident people have wobbles, feeling insecure and insignificant. Ruby Wax is considered pretty confident, but you can read here how she totally lost it. The good news is that when you are in essence a confident person you can recover from a wobble quite quickly.

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary a mindset is ‘a person’s way of thinking and their opinions’. Another source describes mindset as a set of attitudes and an attitude is a way of thinking or feeling.

The key attitudes you need to create that confident mindset are:

  1. Positive but realistic expectations – people who are unrealistic will get disappointed and disheartened
  2. Have faith in their own abilities – knowing what you are capable of, when to ask for help and not taking on what is not in your stride
  3. Are okay with uncertainty – the fear of not knowing has all to do with the next attitude
  4. Trust they can cope – whatever presents itself, it will not knock you totally of your feet, as you will know what to do
  5. Don’t crumble around perceived failure – failure is an opportunity for learning and growing and it is not a personal thing
  6. Act according to their inner truth – knowing who you are, your values and morals inform the decisions and choices that are right for you
  7. Think independently – not thinking or acting to get approval of others
  8. Are okay with disapproval – if you receive disapproval, it’s just another point of view
  9. Can take the mickey out of themselves – having that solid foundation in yourself, makes it easy to laugh about yourself, your mistakes or silly habits
  10. Make other people shine – confident people will never put others down, on the contrary, they will bask in the shine of others

If you don’t feel confident yet, take one attitude at the time to work on and in doing that you are building the confident mindset for a confident life.

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