SophiaSophia got up in the morning, each morning, with a knot in her stomach. She was dreading the day. She knew she had her chores, but they were easy. She wished she could spend all day on those. What wasn’t easy was that there was always something that would take her out of her comfort zone. An example of Sophia’s week: On Monday she met up with some ‘friends’, where she felt the one who did not have a sparkling story to tell. On Tuesday she went to an exercise class where she felt fat and unfit compared to the others. On Wednesday had lunch with someone who would tell her all the hundred thousand things that she was doing, which left her feeling incompetent and wondering ‘How does she do that?’ On Thursday there was a brainstorm session at work and she did not dare to bring any idea forward, but got really cheesed off with herself when her three ideas were presented by somebody else. She had lost an opportunity to shine. On Friday she went out with her husband and his colleague and got lost in their technical work details……. Every single day she felt more useless, worthless and stupid.

Sophia is a bright and beautiful woman, but she can’t see it herself as her self-image is coloured by her low self-esteem and her confidence is non-existent. She doesn’t dare who she really is, and it doesn’t make her happy.

Isn’t it sad? Sophia was the source of her own unhappiness, as she kept on feeding herself with negative messages, sabotaging any chance of feeling good about herself.

Confidence tips

We worked on her low self-esteem on all levels:

  1. Her self-talk – it is unhelpful to talk yourself down
  2. Her communication with others – saying sorry at every suitable and unsuitable occasion is like being apologetic for being there
  3. Physical presentation – ‘dress to impress’ and ‘dress as you want to be addressed’
  4. Mind set – ‘fake it to make it’
  5. Body language – eye contact and power stance
  6. Prepare – preparation gives a sense of control

And more…..

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