confident mindset

Confident mindset

Whatever has been written and spoken about around this topic, there is only one essential thought that makes the difference. As Mike Dooley says in all his communications

‘thoughts become things’

and that is very true for confidence.

Confidence is a state of mind, a mindset, a feeling, a way of being; something that is not tangible but at the core of our well-being.

It has to do with abilities, qualities, judgment and self-love.
There has been written tons about the subject, but the one and only starting point that will get you where you want is the one and only statement you tell yourself over and over again:


Not, I can do it, but I will get there, as this reflects a process, a continuation of working towards it.

Confidence is an internal job, but even the most confident people will get shaken from time to time and then need to re-boot their confidence engine.

Starting your confidence engine is the first step.

How to ignite?

  1. Abilities – list what you need to can, know and are able to do
  2. Qualities – list what you are, the characteristics that you bring to the party
  3. Judge – what abilities you need to develop and learn, as well as checking out the aspects of your qualities you want to develop (qualities have a positive and a negative side to them; the art is to use the helpful side)
  4. Self-love – coming from a place of love and encouragement is essential. Remember that young children will do anything for their favourite teacher and research has shown that belief materialises in reality. So belief in yourself and dress it up with TLC.

To build your confidence:

focus on the attempt, determination and progress, don’t judge the performance and the result yet.

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