Confidence shows in behaviour

You enter a room and you notice someone, who is surrounded by a few others. The person you notice is gesticulating, talking animatedly and making the people around him or her engage. You see them nodding, laughing, being engrossed in whatever they hear.

What do you think about the person who is the centre of the attention?

You’ll think that he/she is interesting, entertaining, animated and above all confident.

And actually, you want to be that person.

The good news is that you can be(come) that person.

Take a closer look at the person in the centre of attention

The only proof you have of their confidence is their behaviour and presentation. And whatever they show on the outside might be very different from the inside, where they might be crumbling with nerves. But that is invisible, so it doesn’t affect the outside impression.

Tips to present yourself with confidence:

  • Dress appropriate for the situation – make sure you choose something you are comfortable in, that is flattering and

    Confident posture, also called the power stance

    presents a picture of the ‘you’ you want to be. Choose an eye-catching accessory, a confident people are happy to be noticed.

  • Stand straight – round shoulders and face down give an impression of shyness and the wish to hide. Confident people are happy to be seen.
  • Make eye contact and smile – connect with others through eye contact, acknowledge the connection through smiling. Smiling reduces the stress levels and confident people don’t come across as stressed or nervous.

In summary: dress to impress and be noticed in a positive way, practice the powerstance where you back is straight, head is held high and look around with a smile. And enjoy how good you feel.

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