Mollie is my DD (darling daughter). I am not her biological mother. That would be impossible as Mollie is a different breed: a Jackapoo – a dog crossbreed of a Jack Russell and a poodle. She came into my life about 3 years ago and helps the hormonal balance in our household. As just 3 man and me felt a bit lonely at times.

Mollie presents me with her Mollie’s Mindful Musings and they offer me life lessons. If I keep these in mind, my day is a better one.

Let me share these three with you.


Every morning she starts with yoga: a powerful downfacing dog, followed by an upfacing dog. In other words, some good stretches, which start her body going. Doing some exercise at the start of the day, has a number of benefits for your mindset, posture, energy levels and more. Read about all the benefits here.


Mollie is very focused and determined. She loves her ball and will not stop asking for it until she gets her way. It can be annoying, but she always succeeds. Determination and focus pay off.


She is very mindful. When she decides to settle down she pays a lot of attention to what she is doing. She looks around, hops on a bean bag, sniffs it out, wriggles around, then lays down and take a deep breath to finish ‘the business’. It is important to finish the business, because then it won’t occupy your mind and you can be at peace.

If only you could manage to apply these 3 lessons, your day will be a better one. 

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