Superwoman never stops

Any superwoman I have ever met has worked so hard at being super, that she completely exhausted herself. Physically she is tired as her body didn’t got enough rest for donkeys years, mentally she is low, maybe bordering on depression, as the production of adrenaline and cortisol (the stress hormones) over a long period of time has affected her brain structure and emotionally she doesn’t recognise herself, as repressed emotions are all bubbling up together.

What in the first place made her strive to be a superwoman and made her successful is exactly what is killing her.

The 7 characteristics that make and break the superwoman

1.Ambition – the drive to be better and achieve more every single day

2.Perfectionism – the understanding that she has to be good and it can’t get better than perfect

3.High expectations – has very high expectations of herself and wouldn’t allow to lower her standards

4.Not feeling good enough – always carrying fear for being found out, not believing that she is as good as others might tell her she is

5.Need to prove herself – there is usually another person (parent, partner, herself) that needs to see how well she is doing. External validation is very important

6.She gives more than 100%, always – she always throws herself in with heart and soul and then adds an extra bit of effort

7.Doesn’t ask for help – a real independence streak stops her from asking for help and forces her to spend more time and energy than necessary

Relationship with self

A superwoman usually has a very unloving relationship with herself. She beats herself up for anything that didn’t go the way she wanted it. She sees all the negatives and doesn’t pay attention to all the good things she did and achieved. Her life is relentlessly action-focussed. Relaxing and letting go is not in her vocabulary.


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