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7 situations to avoid if you want to rely on willpower

Willpower is a battle

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Is willpower the key to success? Not sure about that, but if you want to be successful there will be times when you have to make a choice that requires willpower, a choice that puts you in the direction of success instead of failure. This requires energy, a conscious decision which takes effort and an internal battle that needs to be won. And don’t we all know how we can be defeated in those moments when willpower has left us? Apparently, willpower is a limited resource and once we have drained the resource, there is only one way forward: giving in.

Managing willpower

Knowing what depletes your willpower is important for managing it. So what do you need to avoid to keep the willpower up to scratch? In other words, what depletes it?

  1. Temptation – there is nothing wrong with avoiding challenging situations where you will need willpower.  Just say no……… Being surrounded by temptation will deplete your willpower very quickly.
  2. Stress – stress takes a lot of energy and ultimately really wears you out. You want to get away from it and the last thing you are looking for is to make a sensible decision. You just want to feel more comfortable and are reaching out for what gives you that. It could be chocolate! Read here how chocolate works…..
  3. Not enough rest – tired people are looking for the easy option, as there is no energy left to fight a battle.
  4. Alcohol – it dulls your senses, it makes you gentle, it allows you to do … whatever…. The inhibitions are gone and so is your willpower.
  5. Emotional fatigue – having made trillions of sensible decisions in a day, you can’t stand to make another one. You are totally depleted.
  6. Social pressure – when you are in the company of people who don’t support what you want, it is more difficult to stick to your guns.
  7. Questioning your choices – once you have made a decision (fe I am going to the gym on Monday and Thursday night) you should not revisit your decision as this depletes your willpower.


Make your life easy and manageable by avoiding willpower depleting situations and actions. Until……….. your new behaviour has become a habit.

More about research and the underlying negativity of the mindset, or the psychology of willpower

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