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Willpower reflects a negative mindset

Temptation destroys willpower

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Willpower is an aptitude

Willpower is the ability to make a choice that is in line with a decision you have made. Example: the decision to lose weight means you have to make choices to eat certain foods and avoid others. The decision to get fit means you have to choose to go to the gym instead of watching a movie. In the early stages of change, making the right choice will require some willpower as you have to make a conscious decision.

A battle

Willpower assumes a battle. A battle between a decision and a choice. It’s quite an aggressive word, which I can’t say it while smiling. Try it for yourself. Willpower is about the internal dialogue between the part that wants to give in (whatever it is), and the part that wants to stop you. A continuous movement of attack and defence, seduction and rejection, love and hate.

A sign of mistrust

Battles have winners and losers. The underlying idea of willpower is that you will not be able to achieve what you want to in a relaxed or natural way, you can only achieve it through a fight. And fundamentally that means that you don’t believe you can do it, unless you fight really hard for it.

How long will you able to fight? There will come a time that your energy is drained and you become the loser.


Create a habit

Unless you use your willpower for a short time to create a new habit. Once a behaviour is a habit, it doesn’t require a battle. If you’ve got used to not drinking alcohol, you just don’t drink it. Same with cigarettes. A habit is the ability to automatically choose in line with your decision. And there is no internal dialogue, no deliberation and no battle.

Positive mindset

As you are now able to stick to what you have decided, you enter the positive mindset of trusting yourself. You believed you could do it, now you have proved you can. This will help you to make the next change in your life.

Want to know my 7 tips to keep the resource of willpower at its optimum?

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