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‘After the insanity of my marriage breakdown, Mariette saved my sanity during the divorce.’ – Kirstin Hood

Lifecoaching can easily be life changing. If you choose the right coach. The one who leads you to the core of your challenge, who doesn’t take any nonsense and who guides you to the solution you are looking for. With nearly 20 years of experience under my belt, I am an expert at cutting through the chase and helping you to change your life around in a very short time.

Like I did with Patrick, Elizabeth and Suzie:

If you want to change forever, you’ve come to the right place

My mission in life is to make myself obsolete by teaching you how to look at yourself, your life and the world from different perspectives. A exciting process of discoveries.

I have suppressed my feelings and thoughts until I was far in my thirties – since I have broken free and started to think for myself I feel alive, in control and happy. If it works for me, it might work for you.

  • Look from a new angle and you discover
  • Through discoveries you’ll learn
  • Through learning you gain knowledge
  • Knowledge feeds awareness and confidence
  • Being aware helps you to make confident choices in life that support your happiness.
A lot of choices are informed by the stress of obligation,
How would it be to let go of that stress and choose fullfilment instead?
I want to help you find fullfilment and the first step is to THINK.

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Life is a challenge but it doesn’t need to be chore

Carole H4

‘I went through a coaching process with Mariette and the most important thing I learned was that nothing is as bad as it seems. Take a deep breath, meditate and all will be well and I will be able to deal with what felt impossible beforehand.  ACCEPT (!) what is happening and focus on one thing at a time.  I am the only one who can change things so everything I do is up to the way I handle it.  Life is a challenge but it doesn’t have to be a chore!  Make plenty of time for fun in my life and when I change others appear to change with me.  Negative people suddenly seem to mirror my mood and become positive! My life has changed forever. Thank you Mariette.’   Carole H., Surrey

What a relief!

I really feel like giving my impression about my coaching sessions with Mariette because it has changed my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course, it asks for Sevie Chazallepersonal efforts and engagement but once cannot enhance or evolve without active introspection!!!!

It has changed the way I relate and exchange with my baby girl, with my husband, with my colleagues. Most importantly, I have been able to confront my father with what he did to me when I was a little girl and let him know how this has impacted me psychologically.

It has changed my life
THANK YOU MARIETTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Severine Chazalle, France

You are at cross roads and don’t where to go? How would it be to get some clarity? Of course, you can’t solve your issues in half an hour, but it will help you to focus in the right direction. If you want to know what is a sensible next step for you, I can help you with my FREE phone session, aimed to give you clarity. To read more and to book,  click here.

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