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Meditation with a Western flavour

An approach to meditation that is down-to-earth and suits hectic lifestyles

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Meditation is the technique that will help you to become mindful and it is the most efficient way to get yourself back in balance. Meditation is as old a practice as the human race. It is related to our natural ability to recharge ourselves on physical, mental and emotional level. A natural healing tool.

However, with a life style that is far removed from natural, it doesn’t seem to come easily to us. We are exposed to an enormous amount of external stimuli (mobiles, social media, media) and under pressure to perform. At the same time, we have de-learned the ability to recharge ourselves in the most natural way by stepping away from these stimuli to recharge our batteries.

What is meditation? Zillions of definitions, ideas, conceptions. Core at all descriptions is ‘focus your mind’. The challenge is that our mind is very busy, distracted and working overtime. How many thoughts are going on in your head, right now? There are moments in time when you will focus your mind without effort.

In Positive Psychology, this is called The Flow. We enter The Flow when we do an activity that requires some effort and concentration, but it is not perceived as pressure, and it gives us great pleasure. Examples are icing a cake, reading a book, playing an instrument… If you recognise The Flow, you will also recognise how good you feel once you have been there!

However, you can’t possibly ice a cake whenever you need to restore your balance, so a meditation practice would be handy. If you learn to meditate with techniques that are easy and quick, like Mariette’s award winning technique in the One Minute Meditation, you will be able to apply this at any time you need.

Meditation with a Western flavour offers you the tools that suit our busy lifestyle, and also gives you the healing results your body and mind need.

In my book: ‘Bullshit, non-sense and common sense about meditation’, I explain exactly what the title says, and more!

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