Mindfulness, meditation and spirituality

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Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness and meditation play an important role in my life and I believe these are life skills that everybody should have. It is about focussing your mind. While doing that you relax your mind, emotions become clearer and your body rests. A meditation becomes a healing practice. It can also give you experiences that are less tangible, impossible to explain and more ‘spiritual’. It will help you to develop intuition and peace.


What is life about?

Is it about stress, running around, being too tired to enjoy it all? Or is it about having a purpose, feeling fulfilled, enjoying the ride? I believe we are on this planet with the aim to grow. To develop ourselves to the next level, to learn from experiences and become a little ‘bit better than I used to be’. In the words of Dr Wayne Dyer. There are two sides to this: a practical and a spiritual. The spiritual side is about developing new attitudes, becoming open minded, striving to be non-judgmental, developing intuition, learning to detach via meditation, releasing unhelpful energies and more.

Mindfulness for stress

Most of my clients will come for life coaching. For those who are focussed on learning to manage stress and anxiety, I offer stress management and meditation. It usually takes only a few sessions to make major improvements. For more information call on 07967 717 131 or email me.

Cathy suffered from anxiety attacks ‘Your One Minute Meditation and the others have changed my life. I sleep like a baby and feeling so much better. I haven’t had any more of my weird stress episodes. I felt something coming up, but did your one minute and it went. It helped me so much more than the Headspace app. I feel positive about everything and couldn’t thank you enough’ –  Cathy, 37, London

Mindfulness coaching

During the coaching you are invited to think along new lines and to explore aspects of practical, emotional and spiritual life. This has nothing to do with religion or dogmatism. It is about broadening your horizon and finding out more. Then you can decide if it resonates with you. To read how this fits into my life coaching methodology, click here. Curious to know how it all fits in the life coaching? Just book a FREE Coaching Call via this link. The people who have influenced my spiritual development are Dr Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, M. Scott Peck, Daila Lama, Byron Katie, William Bloom, Dr Deepak Chopra and lots of others.

One of the most touching testimonials I’ve ever received:

‘Three people have influenced my life fundamentally: Dr Wayne Dyer (a spiritual teacher). Eckhart Tolle (the founder of mindfulness) and you, Mariette’. Dave Clayton, 37.