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Mollie’s mindful musings

Mollies first official photo

Mindful Mollie, always musing about something

Mollie is special. She is not only special to me, her mum, she is also special because she is just who she is. And that is true for you and everybody else.

You are special, because you are who you are.

If you are familiar with the messages that Mike Dooley sends out (Message from the universe – sign up via, you will know already that you, in your uniqueness are awesome and special, just like Mollie.

But, if you are like me, you might also sometimes forget how special and important you are, for just a moment, not realise how much there is in life to celebrate and enjoy. Regardless of your circumstances, the ‘here and now’ is always beautiful and abundant.


Mindfully happy

Mollie is a jack-a-poo: a cross breed of a Jack Russell and a Poodle; hence the fluffy hair. She also has no qualms, is very direct (like her mum) and very happy. She is just two years old now and has a few clear objectives in her life:

  1. Adoring her mum. So, I am very lucky and happy to be the special person in her life
  2. If she has to choose between mum and ballie, she chooses mum. But mum is not left by herself for long, as ‘ballie’ will be presented, so mum can throw it. Very clever
  3. Protect the house from the postman and the post. Poor postman has been subjected to a furious attacks – always aimed at the post and not the man, I am glad to add.
  4. Protect the neighbours house from intruders, even if they happen to live there

Over time you will get to know Mollie better and become familiar with her habits, ideas and way of living. Always in the moment, embracing the attitudes of mindfulness and kindfulness. Unless her instinct gets in the way……

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2. MMM


Molllie’s thoughts

‘My job is to make sure that M (Mariette, my mum) and her clients don’t forget to smile. I am usual in the Zen Den during a session, unless the client chooses not to have me there, but that is very unusual. I position myself under a chair and listen and observe and I have learned so much in the past two years. I have developed my own thoughts and instead of barking them out, I am communicating them on a daily basis as a musing on twitter and Facebook. So, if you want to hear me, follow M on twitter or Dr De-Stress on Facebook. See below of how I work with M………’



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