Want to know if your parent, partner or friend is a narcissist? This checklist for a narcissist will help you to recognise if you are dealing with one. You will also gain some understanding of their way of thinking and behaving.

Why is this important to recognise a narcissist?

Narcissists are toxic.  Being around them doesn’t help you to feel good about yourself, as they are very skilful in making you doubt yourself, dislike your behaviour and do things you actually don’t want to do. Knowledge is power and understanding the thought processes of a narcissist will help you to be prepared. Knowing you are facing a narcissist, you can now prepare yourself. Are you dating a narcissist? Here are some tips.

I used to be thrown off kilter by my full-blown narcissistic mother. Time and again. Even though I knew a lot about her and her condition, even though I had experienced surprising situations before, she still manages to blow my mind with her cold and cruel behaviour. But……………. it happens less and less.

The narcissist doesn’t do empathy

My father is on his death bed. He lives in the Netherlands, I am in the UK and not able to come over. We have our final phone conversation. As you can imagine, this is an emotional moment. Something that can’t be repeated, is unique, difficult and very personal. After me and my dad said bye, she took over the phone and asked me ‘What is the jewellery you want from me when I am dead?’ There was no way I was able to think about that question, let alone answer it.

Why narcissists surprise 

A narcissist puts themselves at the centre of their and anybody else’s universe. So every conversation and situation need to revolve around them. If there is an argument in the family, putting some members in the spotlight, he/she will play up and make a drama about how terrible they feel about the argument and diverting the attention to them.

If you not sure if your friend, partner or family member is a narcissist, just go through the checklist. And if you want to discuss your situation with me, feel free to book a free coaching call. Just click here.