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Cover bookHow to Stop Exam Stress forever in just 10 days

Catchy title, catchy book, catchy video course, for any student that suffers from stress around study and exams. The book is divided in 10 chapters, 1 a day, and covers a variety of tools and techniques to become aware of what triggers your stress, how you respond, and how to make changes. With 24 exercises on offer, there will be something for everybody.

’I did not think I would, but I actually enjoyed this book. The exercises were all very different and I learned a lot about myself. I never thought about those things, but now I do and I feel it really helps me to feel not stressed.’ Annie, 17, Surrey

Why you should do this course, watch the video

Stress is needed to perform. When there is not enough, you will underperform. Where there is too  much, you will underperform but also wear yourself out to the level of burn-out.

YoungMinds, a mental health charity, saw an alarming 39% of their calls for help, were made by 16- and 17-year-olds, suffering from  exam anxiety;

Counsellors and GPs are reporting growing numbers of sixth-formers, requesting treatment for exam-related stress.

Stephen Sheedy, principal of Queen Mary’s sixth-form college in Basingstoke, said he had seen a “significant” rise in the number of pupils on prescribed medication to tackle anxiety.(Read more)

Some of the common stress symptoms are:

  • Anxiety
  • Sleeping problems
  • Irritability
  • Forgetfulness
  • Migraines
  • Digestive problems

All these affect the performance during an exam and it is crucial to take action.

Here is the solution for exam stress

‘How to stop exam stress forever in just 10 days’ gives students the tool they need to take control. The book is full of pictures, easy to read instructions, explanations and examples and the worksheets make it easy to follow the process.

‘I would like to thank you on helping me overcome my stress which has helped me pass this year’s exams and achieve a place at university! So, thank you very much!’ Miryam, Surrey

Investment? About 10 hours of time and just £24.99 (plus £3.50 p&p)

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I got the book Stop Exam Stress, because I really get stressed when I am thinking of my GCSEs and I get that feeling in my stomach which makes me very unfocussed. From the first day of doing the course, something changed in me –  it helped me to take charge of the stress. I especially liked the build-up where I learned about the way stress manifest itself in me; I wasn’t aware of what I actually did and the exercises broke it down for me. Therefore, knowing more about it, helped me to understand what I did to myself and helped me to change it.

I really enjoyed the different exercises, which mentally made me feel more in control and focused on my exams. Learning those brief meditations were a real help and I keep on doing them all the time now.

I picked up the course because I did not know how to handle my stress, I now feel in control and felt really calm during my exams. Something I could not have imagined. I can highly recommend this book to any students, who feels bogged down by exams.

Many thanks Mariette,  Ella W (16)

ROI? Control over stress emotions, not only in exam situations but also applicable in other areas of life.

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