We can’t live without stress, so I suggest, you better say YES to STRESS.

Stress is unavoidable. You are exposed to zillions of impressions per day and you try to process, try to respond to, try to gauge……………. An energy consuming business! While we all experience different types of stress at different levels, it is important to be able to regulate your stress in order to keep healthy and happy.

Stress is about tension and when we keep topping up the tension, we will eventually explode. Explode in our body with a physical expression, like a heart disease, or explode in our emotional health with a burnout or

Good stress and bad stress

When stressed, you produce stress hormones that help you to focus, to fight or to flight. It is a really good thing,  when you are facing a challenge, as it gives you the required frame of mind to get to the results we aim for. Examples are writing an essay, decorating a cake or going for a sports challenge. This positive stress is called Eustress: the stress you experience when you face a task that is a challenge, but you know you can be successful.

The result is often an euphoric experience, the satisfaction, when you can say to ourselves: ‘I DID IT! And it feels great!’

Even though Eustress is positive, if you create too much of it, it will turn into negative stress.

The negative stress is about feeling out of control. When you are facing a situation you did not choose, when you are in a situation you find difficult to handle.

How to manage stress?

One of the great and easy tools is to do a mindfulness meditations.

If you want to listen to my mindful relaxation meditation:
Click Here for  Mindful Relaxation