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How to not get stressed when life gets in the way

No matter how carefully we plan, life has the habit of getting in the way. Like it happened to me last Thursday, keen to post number 24 on day 24 and then………… two things got in the way. The first one was that I felt absolutely lousy and not very productive so I wasn’t ahead of the game as usual and the second event really blew it, because my laptop didn’t want to play and I was in contact with technical support for about 4 hours. By the time they gave up, it was 8pm and I had given up and just threw myself into bed for some recovery.

Was I annoyed? Yes. Disappointed? Yes. Did it last? No.

The challenge in life is to go with the flow, surrender and accept that there are other forces at work, which you can’t control. Take stock and take the next day as a new start. Instead of squeezing out a blogpost for the sake of the challenge, while being ill, I accepted there is a discontinuity in my 30 days. Day 24 arrived a day late. So be it.

It doesn’t mean that ‘going with the flow’ is an excuse for not taking action or not planning. It means you have to recognise that you can take control up to a certain level. But when it feels as if everything works against your planning, just take a step back, allow the natural process to take place and come back the next day.

‘Go with the flow. Force nothing. Let it happen….. trusting that whichever way it goes, it is for the best.’ Mandy Hale

What did it do to me?

I was knocked out by the flu, had a great night sleep (as the doctor ordered), felt better the next day and just picked up where I left it. One day behind. Big deal?


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