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Feedback on my talk: Say YES to STRESS

My talk: Say YES to STRESS

Stress is such a wonderful positive energy. It motivates, it gets you into gear, it helps you focus and achieve more.

But…. it also takes energy, pumps your body full of adrenaline and cortisol, which can affect your cardiovascular health, your blood pressure, causes headaches and messes up your digestive system.

To make stress work for you, you have to be able to take control. It is not an unconditional yes, it requires work.

During a lunchtime talk, which I have done at different organisations, usually for employees (and occasionally for students in colleges and universities) I teach easy and effective techniques that don’t take a lot of time. The feedback varies from ‘I feel so energised’ to ‘I could fall asleep, that’s how relaxed I am’.

I want to share this email that I received after one of those lunchtime sessions.

Dear Mariette,

Thank you so much for your afternoon session. I was lucky I didn’t have to work afterwards and went home to have a rest. I am suffering from insomnia, but I slept for 2 hours and felt as if I had caught up with a week of sleep. I am not sure what had happened but I felt very refreshed. The rest of the day I felt unusually calm and even my 3 teenagers, who were all having exams felt it and were calmer than usual.

I tried the tapping technique you showed us on my partner who is extremely stressed, and he nearly fell asleep.

I downloaded your one minute meditation programme and did it with the kids. They all thought it was ‘sick’ and felt better for it.

 Thank you very much for your talk and I will be practising all the tools you taught us.


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