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Misunderstood in your relationship?

Lydia Lydia wasn’t too happy in her relationship. Lately, she experienced some challenges at work and was keen to discuss these with Andrew, her boyfriend. But whenever she started to talk about it, it felt as if he switched off.

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How to improve the relationship with your mother – tips from the coaching couch

‘I love her so much but every time we speak we end up with a row. We are both angry and upset.’ Trish was talking about the relationship with her mum. ‘Earlier or later in the conversation, she looks at

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Xmas stress – tales from the coaching couch

Celia came to see me to get some advice on how to deal with all the Xmas stress. This was about 4 weeks ago, more than 3 months before the actual event. A quarter of the year, being affected by

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How to keep the peace at Xmas

Celebrating Xmas as a day of peace, happiness and family time is a tough job. If you want to keep the peace and happiness! Apparently, each family will have at least 5 rows on Xmas day. Corinne Sweet, Relationship Psychologist

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How communication affects confidence

The challenge and benefits of clear communication A lot of times our confidence is undermined by unclear communication. Caused by ambiguity in the underlying message. Someone makes a statement and you think you know what they mean, but very often,

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What people say about working with me….

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