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The one thing that makes life easier for the control freak

Do you want to have control and do it all yourself? Are you struggling to ask for support? Are you brilliant at making your life difficult Stella felt embarrassed and upset. She had screwed it up and needed to ask

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Midlife crisis? What went wrong and how to make it right

Is Harold suffering from mid-life crisis? Harold is a successful businessman. With a wife, 4 kids, a big house and a big car. He didn’t know if he liked his work, wasn’t sure he liked his family life (lots of

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Tips on how to deal with being bullied as an adult

Bullying in the playground is awful and easily recognizable. Usually adults interfere and help the situation change. But what if you are an adult and are ‘subtly’ being bullied by friends and family? Subtle adult bullying is more common than

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How baby steps lead to milestones

Lots of us have to face the challenge of jobs we don’t like, but have to do. Often we put them off, only to make it more difficult to start them. Procrastination, overwhelm and even anxiety can be the result.

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SMS, the answer to SOS for anxiety

There is a strong mind-body connection regarding stress and anxiety. And one of the ways to deal with it is not by engaging your mind, but by simply engaging your body. Mind-body connection anxiety When the mind gives a message to

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What people say about working with me….

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