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7 tips to overcome low self-esteem

If Robbie only had known what to do to overcome her low self-esteem… Robbie was a very skilful musician. She played the piano in all imaginable ways. Trained classically, any old hero from Mozart, Bach to Schubert was a piece

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Who’s to blame? The pills, the therapist, the stress? Tips from the coaching couch

It’s all about selfbelief Alex had attended a few of my lunch hour meditation classes in the past. A great way to de-stress in a hectic city lifestyle. Alex usually came in with a limp and in pain (as a

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The pain of drilling and grilling

I help people to change their lives. How? By helping them to think differently. And discover more about themselves, other people and their own life. The main technique I use is just asking questions. My clients and sometimes friends, love and

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Child leaves home, leaving mum feeling lost

‘My child is gone and I am losing it’. But exactly what is she losing? Recently I met Jaqui in my coaching room. She came in feeling wobbly. She admitted that since mid August she didn’t feel herself. She was

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How to start stopping being a control freak

Being in control means going with the flow Deirdre was a meticulous planner: from the moment she got up, nothing was left to spontaneity. She knew exactly how long it took her to get ready in the morning – the

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What people say about working with me….

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