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4 reasons why s(h)elfdevelopment doesn’t work

Do you have yards of self help books? All New York Times top ten, sold millions and highly recommended? Did you finish any of them? Did you apply the exercises and ideas? I had piles of self help books, I

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Why your relationships don’t work – tips from the coaching couch

Theo didn’t get it. Every time he fell for a woman, it seemed to be a mutual and exciting event. He bought her flowers, dinners, champagne and showered her with text messages, little surprises and a ‘sleep well’ call at

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The pain of drilling and grilling

I help people to change their lives. How? By helping them to think differently. And discover more about themselves, other people and their own life. The main technique I use is just asking questions. My clients and sometimes friends, love and

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Who’s boat are you rowing in your life?

You don’t have to search far to find some deep truth about life. How about this little song, known by virtually everyone. It has some great life lessons in it. Row row row – put the effort in to move

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Child leaves home, leaving mum feeling lost

‘My child is gone and I am losing it’. But exactly what is she losing? Recently I met Jaqui in my coaching room. She came in feeling wobbly. She admitted that since mid August she didn’t feel herself. She was

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What people say about working with me….

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