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7 tips to overcome low self-esteem

If Robbie only had known what to do to overcome her low self-esteem… Robbie was a very skilful musician. She played the piano in all imaginable ways. Trained classically, any old hero from Mozart, Bach to Schubert was a piece

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Could do better โ€“ a seriously negative and demoralising remark

How Polly got in the way of her own happiness. Polly was humming when she opened the letterbox. Xmas had been great, everybody was back into the swing of work and school and the new year looked all fresh and

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Mariette Jansen’s story: how I got where I am today….

We are all on our personal journey and can tell a unique story about life. Your life….the only one you get. And the challenge is to make it work for you, in your way. My journey has been tough and

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Building confidence is like baking a cake

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Confidence. The word is used a lot, but what is actually meant? I looked into it and came up with a range of interlinked meanings, representing different elements of confidence. Imagine a cake, with 5

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The moment that confident Ruby Wax lost her confidence – tips for confidence

Follow my blog with Bloglovin About vulnerability and confidence. Ruby Wax is well known for her wackiness and boldness. I remember her programmes years ago (must be over 20 years ago, as I live in the UK for nearly that

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What people say about working with me….

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