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Feedback on my talk: Say YES to STRESS

My talk: Say YES to STRESS Stress is such a wonderful positive energy. It motivates, it gets you into gear, it helps you focus and achieve more. But…. it also takes energy, pumps your body full of adrenaline and cortisol,

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Is anxiety taking over your life?

Anxiety is widespread, but lots of people are very good at hiding it. Until they reach the moment it is impossible to live a normal life. Like Ann, who had to take time off work or Anna, who choose a job,

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SMS, the answer to SOS for anxiety

There is a strong mind-body connection regarding stress and anxiety. And one of the ways to deal with it is not by engaging your mind, but by simply engaging your body. Mind-body connection anxiety When the mind gives a message to

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7 top tips for a happy Xmas

Stress levels can get high at Christmas. On average each family has 5 rows on Xmas day and a lot of people are relieved when the day is over. What can you do to make Xmas peaceful and relaxed? Set

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How meditation can cure insomnia

According to the global average, 1 in 3 people experience a mild case of insomnia at some point in their lives. But an article on The Guardian indicates that the statistic is even higher in Britain. They cited the Great

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What people say about working with me….

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