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The one thing that makes life easier for the control freak

Do you want to have control and do it all yourself? Are you struggling to ask for support? Are you brilliant at making your life difficult Stella felt embarrassed and upset. She had screwed it up and needed to ask

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The 7 most stressful challenges for work-life balance

I had no idea how I could change my situation, but I did. Thanks to Mariette for creating a miracle – Simone, 42, Kew When talking about work-life balance, we usually mean imbalance. Work-life balance as a term is was

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Help, I am still feeling as crap as 30 years ago

When the years move on and you don’t ..… Dian was sitting opposite me. Bit nervous and not sure what to expect. She wanted to see me because she wanted guidance on the next stage in her life. She was

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The 10 secrets of a confident mindset

The mindset of a confident person is positive, open minded, non-judgmental of self and trusting. But how to get there? And how to keep on top of that mindset? Confidence is a state of being that needs working all the

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Create your confidence in a way you’d never thought

You enter a room and you notice someone, who is surrounded by a few others. The person you notice is gesticulating, talking animatedly and making the people around him or her engage. You see them nodding, laughing, being engrossed in

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What people say about working with me….

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