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What is Xmas about? A reminder

What is causing stress? Stress is always caused by a combination of mindset, expectations of yourself and others and flexibility. If you change your mindset, have low or no expectations and are more ‘going with the flow’ your stress levels

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Xmas: a fairy tale or a self induced nightmare?

The season of fairy tales is on the doorstep. With the magic of Xmas sorting out all the bad stuff in life. Wars stop for a few days, everybody (even the homeless) will get a hearty hot meal, families reunite

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20 tips to make Xmas preparations easy

The amount of stress that comes with the annual celebration of the birth of a baby is incredible. Setting expectations, managing them, creating positive situations and happiness, it can be all a bit much. Having grown up in the Netherlands,

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7 top tips for a happy Xmas

Stress levels can get high at Christmas. On average each family has 5 rows on Xmas day and a lot of people are relieved when the day is over. What can you do to make Xmas peaceful and relaxed? Set

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Xmas stress, family issues and how to survive

Celia came to see me to get some advice on how to deal with all the Xmas stress. This was about 4 weeks ago, more than 3 months before the actual event. A quarter of the year, being affected by

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What people say about working with me….

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