Tips from the coaching couch

logo tips croppedIf you are interested in your personal and professional development, I offer you an ongoing programme that is easy to follow, fun to apply and effective in changing your life, relationships, stress levels, work-life balance and confidence.

Tips from the coaching couch

The programme is based on one topic each week. You will receive an email that contains either tips or food for thought around this topic and if you keep that in mind for the rest of the week, you will notice how you start to integrate new ways of thinking and acting in your day to day life.

Goodness knows how many emails I receive each week (and delete without even opening them) but there is one that I am careful not to hit the ‘delete’ button on. Invariably your weekly messages really inspire me and prompt me to think about situations that I either take for granted or that I recognise as a challenge in my own life. Your ‘out of the box’ original thoughts help me to look in a different way at challenges and  so I owe you a big thank you for keeping me on my toes and helping me to develop my knowledge and insights.’ Dr Robert Owen

If you join me on the couch, for a coffee and a chat (metaphorically of course), you will not only receive the weekly tips and food for thought, you will also receive once a month, an exercise, a worksheet, an instruction or an audio download, and…………… the opportunity to ask me a question about your personal situation via email, once a month. On top of that, if you are with me on the couch for 6 months, you can book a topical singular session with me for a discount of 50%. With other offers to follow in due course.

‘I am looking forward to your weekly emails, as they are sooooooo good. You always seem to hit the nail on the head and offer me a new perspective’ – Anne Hutchkins

‘I love reading life and how to deal with challenging situations. It doesn’t always apply to me personally, but I can recognise it in other people and it helps me to understand them as well as myself. Please keep it coming.’ – Leonie Wright

What do I need to do to be with you on the couch?

It is simple: you subscribe via the Paypal button and for less than a Costa coffee a week, you join me to gently, baby step by baby step, improve your life, through the weekly tips. Once a month you will receive a bonus in the form of an audio download, video or suggested exercise worksheet, as part of the weekly email and if you have a question, I am here to answer. You can send me a personalised query once a month.

On top of that you will get a discount on a one-off coaching session, once you have been on the couch for over 6 months and other offers will be following in due course.

Your investment will be £7.97 per 4 weeks and you can stop at any time you wish. But, why would you?

I hope you choose to have a cuppa with me, as I know it will improve your life by giving you more knowledge, control and confidence and less stress!!