Feeling sorry for yourself and giving yourself a treat? That is SAD.

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Want to lose weight? Have tried it a few times before? Clearly not successful…….


Weight loss is more of an emotional journey than a practical, and knowing what is going on for you makes it easier to be successful.

It sounds difficult, but actually as research by Glasgow University has shown, we only know 4 emotions. There are lot of representations of those emotions in a variety of feelings, but they all can be brought down to any of these 4.

What are those 4 emotions and how can you use it to your advantage?

Joy – feeling great because you stuck to your eating plan, lost weight, feel better, are receiving  compliments, getting closer to your goal…………….. The joy encourages the brain to create ‘happy’ hormones, which give you stamina, perseverance and energy to continue.

Fear – fear of failure is possibly the biggest in dieters. But what about fear for health, other people’s comments on how you change or when you stop, sometimes fear for becoming visible and beautiful………… There is a tendency to close our eyes for the fears; believing that when we pretend it’s not there, it will disappear. As by magic. The best thing to do is to face the fears, make them real and then you can transform them into a different energy, such as a motivator to stick to your plan.

Anger – anger is the emotion of action. However if the anger becomes passive aggressive, you might allow it to make you feel like a victim. It then becomes a ‘poor me’, why am I not born slim, why can’t I have that biscuit, etc. And, if you allow the anger to turn to yourself, it can be very destructive. This is a plea to all dieters: please, don’t beat yourself up when you slip. Be kind, take a deep breath and just start again.

Sadness – possibly more a feeling of desperation, most likely to pop up when you ‘failed’. See this as a time of personal growth and building resilience, essential for surviving. Is the sadness undermining the belief in yourself? Is the sadness an excuse to grab an ice cream tub? Or could you just sit with it and find out more, learn from it?

Embrace the joy

If you have made the choice to lose weight focus on the joy. The joy of the process, the prospect of success, health and self-esteem. However, as an ex-bulimic, I know how emotional this process is and if you want some support, you can click here and book a FREE Clarity Call over the phone.

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