challenges to overcome in life

Challenges to overcome in life

Please find below an interesting guest blog by Per Wickstrom, who is a promotor of holistic addiction recovery. He has done the journey himself and is sharing with you some tips on what has helped him.

On my journey to sobriety, I encountered my fair share of obstacles. There were times I felt victorious and times I felt helpless, along with everything in-between. No matter the challenges, there are ways to overcome them if you keep a few important ideas in mind. Here’s what I’ve learned about achieving your goals despite life’s many curveballs:

  1. Incorporate your experience into the obstacle. There are plenty of things I’m still learning, but I’ve always been a great salesman. Whenever I come across a problem I can’t solve, I try to see it as a sales opportunity and approach it as I would in business. It helped me acquire a loan to start my first rehabilitation center, accumulate a passionate staff, and even bring on our first clients by demonstrating how our program was the best option out there. Play to your strengths and you’ll find solutions.

2. Break up your goal into smaller pieces. Often, our ambitions are so great that they seem constantly out of reach. You’re not going to have the highest sales of the quarter in a single day, so start small and break up your plan into easily-tracked steps. Start by improving your numbers with one client or in one department, then another. Not only will overcoming the challenge seem more feasible, you’ll have a greater sense of self-accomplishment. The big picture is important, but so are the little steps and victories along the way.

3. Believe you can do it. Don’t just tell yourself that you want to, tell yourself that you can and will. Believe that someday you will graduate with your degree, be your own boss, or have a house in the suburbs with your family. Especially on your toughest, maybe-I-should-just-quit-kidding-myself-and-give-up days, positive affirmations can be the ticket to sticking to your plan and ultimately achieving your goals.

4. Practice patience. Don’t get preoccupied with reaching your goals as quickly as possible. The bigger the goal and the harder and more numerous the obstacles in your way, the longer it’s going to take. And guess what? That’s OK! Give yourself reasonable amounts of time to accomplish each step, and if it’s taking longer than expected don’t get mad — get smart. Figure out where the disconnect is and fix it. Forgive yourself for mistakes and see them as an opportunity to learn.

5. Broaden your view. It’s easy to get so caught up in accomplishing one goal that everything else falls to the wayside. But life is all about experience, so don’t deprive yourself of it just because it doesn’t exactly fit the plan you had in mind. Take a weekend off and go on that mini vacation you and your partner have been talking about for months. Volunteer at a soup kitchen over the holidays. Take night classes to learn the foreign language you’ve always wanted to learn. You can make excellent contacts in all kinds of situations and environments. More than that, it’s important not to sacrifice your family or personal well-being in the pursuit of your goals. You’ll be a better, more well-rounded person for it, and it will likely help you achieve your dreams in unexpected ways — maybe even help you realize new dreams.

No matter what life throws at you, there are always ways to get what you want. Keep these tips in mind and soon you’ll be well on your way to the life you dream of!

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Per Wickstrom is the CEO of Best Drug Rehabilitation, where he promotes a holistic approach to recovery.Per Wickstrom He’s also a recovering addict, himself. He firmly believes it’s never too late to turn your life around and hopes to help others find success in recovery and in life. You can check out his blog, or catch up with him on Twitter or Facebook.