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Decluttering is an emotional process. That is why most of us find it hard.

Decluttering results in peace and quiet: in your house, your cupboard, your car and ultimately in your  mind. It is not just about throwing stuff away, getting rid of things and ruthlessly chucking. It is all about an emotional process where you let go of attachments.

Eckhart Tolle, guru of consciousness and author of ‘The power of now’,  speaks about stuff and how we collect stuff to enhance our identity and that what we have defines who we are…… If what we have defines us, what happens when we get rid of it? It is as if we throw away parts of yourself. That makes decluttering such a difficult process.

However, when you try to throw away things, I would suggest you ask the following questions and then make a decision based on the answer:

  1. Do I really, really love it?
  2. Do I really, really need it?
  3. What does it represent?
  4. How is the loss of this object affecting my life?
  5. What I gain by holding on to this object?
  6. What exactly would I miss by not having this object?
  7. Am I a different person without it?

Answering these questions, especially number 3, will give you an understanding of your attachment to things and will help you to become more detached.

I have decluttered my wardrobe via the Marie Kondo method – asking the question ‘Do I really, really love it?’ and if not, I just had to get rid of it. Two thirds of my clothes went, but miraculously, I got a whole new wardrobe back. All clothes I had forgotten about.

Marie Kondo is an expert in decluttering and is worthwhile to check out her tips.

Get some tips on decluttering here.

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