Exam stress is common for most students

Nowadays exam stress is an issue for 70% of teenagers according to a survey amongst thousands of teens.

A few years ago I took my DS (Darling Son) James to his first GCSE exam. I asked him (what a ridiculous question mum) if he was nervous. Of course. He was absolutely stressed out of his mind. I offered to give him some advice. Previously he had refused to listen to anything I wanted to share, which would make his life easier. But on this occasion he was willing. I gave him a little exercise. He practised in the car and told me it worked. He already felt less stressed. We arrived at school, I wished him all the best and left him to his own devices.

A few days later I asked him how his stress levels were and he grinned at me: ‘You know what mum, since you taught me that little exercise I am not feeling stressed at all. Because now I know that I can do something about it. Isn’t that great?’

Another brilliant story about an A-level student who mastered her exam stress and got great results.

What this little story demonstrates is the impact of the not knowing. Lack of knowledge puts you in a position of the victim, feeling powerless and filling you with fear.

However, once you have gained knowledge, things become your own responsibility. You can take action. There is a way out. Instead of being paralysed, you feel empowered and strong. And that stops the fear and in James’ case, his susceptibility to stress.

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