Feeling fat, maybe being overweight and not happy

Feeling fat doesn’t exist. For the simple reason that fat is not a feeling.

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Fat is an indication of weight, maybe overweight, a judgment and a substance, but it is not a feeling.

However, when we say that we are feeling fat, we are usually communicating a range of feelings.

When you feel fat, what is actually going on for you?

Feeling fat is in general not a positive state, it means different things to different people and if you use the phrase, take a moment to consider what it means to you.

1. ‘Feeling fat’ can stand for feeling uncomfortable in your body. Clothes are tight, maybe certain movements are restricted and you might feel tired or bloated. A strong connection with your physical body.

2. ‘Feeling fat’ can represent and feed low self-esteem, feeling imperfect, not up to standards, standing-out in a negative way,  insecurity and feeling less than others. A real measure for how you see yourself in relationship to others and showing low confidence.

3. ‘Feeling fat’ can also be a phrase that you use to communicate that you are angry with yourself, frustrated, and non-accepting. You can’t feel the love for you…… An internal accepting and loving validation system is missing.

Going back to the statement that ‘feeling fat’ is not a feeling, it is actually more than a feeling. It represent a world of unhelpful emotions and ideas about yourself.

Tips on how to deal with ‘feeling fat’

If ‘feeling fat’ is a reoccurring event for you, check out carefully which of the 3 mentioned above is most representative.

1. If it is about your physical body, consider one thing you can do to feel better about your body, to enjoy your body by engaging in a positive way. This can be a type of exercise, physical movement or just awareness of how you experience your body. Such as stroking your tummy, feeling the lovely softness and enjoying it for what it is. No judgment attached!

2. If it is about comparing yourself to others, don’t look at your physical presence, but look at other personal qualities, such as skills and achievements and compliment yourself about these.

3. If it is about negative self-talk, train yourself to be aware of this. Every time you notice you talk yourself down and beat yourself up, just try to stop that. That is a great start to create change.

Feeling fat is a big issue for a lot of women, as it was for me, having suffered from an eating disorder for 22 years. And it doesn’t have to be!

I have designed a special coaching programme, which will help you to eliminate the unhelpful ‘feeling fat’ issue and create a stress free relationship with your body, weight and food. If you want to know more, why not book a FREE Clarity Call with me?

On another note: which ‘feeling fat’ explanation is most appropriate for you?